Prison Baptism: "HEY, WHAT'S STOPPING YOU?"

"Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned." Mark 16:16

Our team is preparing by putting on our armor for the mighty battle that is lying ahead. The inmates have asked that we conduct a baptism in prison. (This is not as easy as one may think.) We have prison rules, regulations, policies, permission and health requirements to work around. Our church has their own procedures that we must follow as well. When it is all done and said, God continues to reign and we are now off and running with a three part series on Baptism.

Tomorrow night - Baptisms Purpose: "Hey, What's Stopping You?"
January 11th - Baptism Preparation: "Embracing and Sharing Your Messy Story!"
January 25th - (Actual Testimonies and Baptism) Baptism's Power: 
"Now's Your Chance For A Power-filled, Victorious Life!"

Prison Baptism Picture.jpg

We need an army of prayer intercessors to help. Are you willing? The following are the ongoing requests for the Series:

  • I urge you to pray for the entire ministry team's protection from Satan's attacks during and after the service.
  • Please petition to the Lord that the unsaved, hurting and demon-possessed inmates will come to all three services and be saved.
  • May the Holy Spirit convict those called, stir hearts towards repentance and receive Christ as Lord - Yahoo!
  • That many will share their testimony and be baptized at the final service. 
  • Pray this Baptism will be joyous celebration for our Lord and Savior.
  • Pray that a revival for Christ would move through the prison like a great tsunami. 

I look forward to hearing how the Lord spoke to you through prayer. 

Hey, by the way, have you been baptized yet?  And now why do you wait? Rise and be baptized and wash away your sins, calling on his name. Acts 22:16  

Serving shoulder to shoulder with you!


Posted on December 27, 2013 .


Waiting is rough! All of us have something we are waiting for whether in prison or not.

Waiting for lawyers, court decisions, boot camp acceptance, waiting to get released... waiting for answers to your prayers?

Time seems to drag on when you are waiting... "How do I wait on the Lord and what do I do while I am waiting?" This question has been brought up many times, no matter where you are in the world.

God gives us direction on waiting...

"What NOT to do while you are waiting?"

"Therefore, we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day." 
2nd Corinthians 4:16

"What DOES waiting ACHIEVE?"

"For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all." 
2nd Corinthians 4:17

Not a moment of suffering is wasted. God knows your pain and your suffering. He knows your heart and when you get weary. He knew you before you were even born, he knows your name and that you are waiting.

Will you rise - up and grab ahold of the promise that awaits you?

Your troubles will never seem momentary or light, we weren't promised an easy life as a Christian, but God did promise he will comfort, guide, empower and love us in the middle of our troubles. For our lives are a short mist or vapor compared to the future eternal hope that awaits you when you put your faith in Jesus Christ!

"What DO I DO while I am waiting?"

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but that is unseen is eternal." 
2nd Corinthians 4:18


  1. Refuse to get discouraged. Are you frustrated? Don't lose heart, remind yourself that you are created perfectly and with great purpose for God. Get back on track and...
  2. Grasp the purpose waiting achieves. How can this situation be used to glorify God? Use this opportunity to glorify Christ in you. The world will give you trouble, but you are resurrected and made new in Christ. So...
  3. Fix your eyes on Jesus. What do you focus on in the middle of your struggle? Ask yourself; "How Big is my problem? How Big is my God?" My God is so big and so strong and so mighty, there is nothing my God cannot do!

Waiting upon the Lord is an action... rise-up and use this time to get busy for God!

Posted on November 20, 2013 .


POWERFUL! We will never know Shine In The World International Ministries (S.W.I.M.) full impact in the district of Musanze, Rwanda until we see Christ face to face. We shared the truth of the Gospel with 78,000 people. Thousands raised their hands and received salvation through Jesus Christ.

I will never forget the people, the inmates faces and the children. (See Kinderroot Ministries)

To share the Gospel from one end of the earth to the other and see God transform hearts is amazing. Anywhere in the world, it doesn't matter who you are, what language you speak, or where you live...

 there is power in the name of Jesus! 

Many children have parents that were part of the Genocide.
We could learn from this little child's surrender to Christ in prayer.

in any language,
there is power in the name of Jesus!

This cute Musanze orphan is waiting
for you to adopt her.
Anywhere in the world,
do you know someone who has room in their heart for her?
Posted on August 28, 2013 .


As requested by the Rwandan Government, we traveled north near the Congo to Rubavu
to share "Hell's Best Kept Secret."
Hundred's rejoiced as they were saved by the truth of the Gospel.
At each prison, we are meeting the inmate's physical needs along with their spiritual needs.
The Government asks that we bring supplies along when we share the Gospel.
Our supporters generously gave needed essentials for the inmates of the prisons.
(Food, soap, shoes, clothes, toilet paper and Bibles.)
The Director of the Musanze Prison graciously receiving our supplies.

but, I will never forget the Musanze District and Rubavu Prison's in Rwanda.

On this trip, I watched the Gospel of Jesus melt the hearts of men, women and children, young and old.

God would answer our prayers as we specifically prayed for the 
Prostitutes, Witches, Addicts, Adulterers and Prisoners.

There is POWER in the name of "JESUS!"

An unbelievable story of the dark underworld.
On my third visit that week to the same prison, I wondered who God would hand-pick to join His Kingdom today?  I shared the truth of the Gospel and gave them an opportunity for the invitation. I rejoiced again as I witnessed 180 new inmates raise their hands high for Christ. I then began to share a few "Now What?" steps for them to follow.

This is where the unusual happened...  
I felt the Spirit urge me to stop and ask: "Is there someone here who missed their chance to say "YES" to Jesus and would like to repent and receive Him now?" I looked around... no hands up in the air.. Mmmm, I thought for sure I understood God's Spirit? Without response, I continued on with my final thoughts. When out of the corner of my eye, walked up two large men, they stood right in front of me and wanted to receive Christ. 

Each person has their own unique stories, I usually am not able to hear the stories of each one of the saved... but God knows. Today, I had the privilege to learn about these two men as they shared their stories. 

One man wanted to repent of his past sins and was desperate for Christ as His Savior. 
The second man had been battling with the witch-craft underworld. He had shared how he was successful in this dark world. He married a female spirit and he was now fearful as her spirit was coming to him in his sleep and trying kill him by strangulation. He thought his life was over and he feared to shut his eyes and sleep.

Now in prison, he walked up to our service out of curiosity. As he listened to the Gospel and love of Christ, 
the POWER of God's Gospel ripped open his hardened heart. 
When I obediently made the second call, it gave this man an opportunity to surrender his life over to Christ. He was desperately seeking forgiveness, ready to begin a new life! 
Suddenly, the inmate's were dancing and celebrating because of what they had witnessed God do all week.


Waiting to hear the Gospel in a remote village by the Congo.
Sharing the urgency of our need for a Savior, to the prostitutes, addicts, and adulterers in the villages around Rwanda.
Notice the people on the outside rim, those were the one's that God was speaking to in a life-changing way!

 Watching souls cross over from death to life...
"It just doesn't get any better than this!"

Posted on August 19, 2013 .

God Is Going To "Rock the Rebels" in Musanze, Rwanda

JOIN ME as I answer God's call to preach the gospel and "rock the rebels" in PRISONS around the world... I'm now off to northern district of Musanze, Rwanda August 1-13th, 2013 with S.W.I.M. Ministries.

"Are you nervous?" This is the first question people ask me when they learn of my upcoming journey to the Rwandan prisons. I find myself pausing, trying to verbalize the best description of my feelings.

"I cannot wait to see what God is going to do on this trip!"

There is never a dull moment with God and I don't expect any less on this trip as well. I have a BIG God who deeply loves those on the fringe of society and wants them to be saved. "If you believe, you will be saved." 

Stay tuned... I will post as I gain Internet connections (which last time was only in airports and rare locations). In the meantime I could use your prayers...


Freedom in the Holy Spirit that He will work powerfully through me as I prepare and speak.

  1. For physical safety and spiritual safety for my family and team.
  2. No one will get sick.
  3. Safe non-eventful travel.
(Photo received from Internet)

Prison Ministry, Open Air Preaching and Church Sermons:
  1. We may all be able to reach out to the dark corners of Rwanda to the lost, lonely and unsaved with the Gospel of Christ.
  2. That Satan will be bound and held helpless from any disruption.
  3. I will be delighted in every MOMENT of the trip.
  4. I will see and love the people of Rwanda as Christ does.
  5. I will preach the Gospel Truth BOLDLY!
  6. That thousands of souls will be won for Christ and cross over from death to live. 

Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.  Ephesians 6:9


How I value your friendship, support and prayers.


Posted on July 31, 2013 .

"HELL'S BEST KEPT SECRET" Exposed In Nairobi, Kenya

Shug Bury with a small handful of men in the large Kimiti Maximum Security Prison.
This was one of three prisons;
Kamiti Men's Prison, Industrial Area Remand Prison, Lang'ata Women's Prison in which she was invited to preach.
(This was the only area the team was able to take pictures.)

Exposing "Hell's Best Kept Secret" in the Kimiti Maximum Security Prison in Nairobi, Kenya.

These Kamiti prison brave young juveniles stood up for  Christ!

Way Of The Master 
method not only works in the U.S.A.... 
not only works on the streets of Israel... 

but works powerfully in Nairobi, Kenya as well.

Nairobi Upper Hill High School students enjoying the questions Shug is asking their schoolmate.

Students from Upper Hill High School enjoyed the banter as I posed a few questions to a fellow classmate.

  • Do you think you are a good person? 
  • Do you believe in the ten commandments? 
  • May I ask you three questions to see if you are a good person?

  1. Have you ever lied before? (Liar)
  2. Have you ever stolen anything before? (Thief)
  3. Have you ever used the Lord's name in vain? By dragging your creator God's name through the mud? (Blasphemer)

  • So by your own admission... you are a "lying, thieving, blasphemer, is that correct?" That is only three of the ten commandments!
  • Would you be judged by God guilty or innocent of keeping the ten commandments?
  • Would you be going to heaven or to hell?

Everyone got a big laugh out of the questions, but after I explained, they understood their desperate need for a Savior! 

God opened the floodgates as a river of students stood up for Christ that morning in a "Christian" school! 

These students came in as boys... but left as powerful men in Christ!

Praise God for His mighty work in Kenya! "Hallelujah!"

Kimiti Prison Juveniles

My next S.W.I.M. trip is planned for August... God willing... in the prisons and villages in Musanze, Rwanda! In the meantime, I'm sharing locally in prisons, churches, and MN Teen Challenge.

Thank you for your trust, continued financial support and prayers. It just doesn't get any better than this... rescuing souls for Christ's kingdom.


Tax Deductable donations can be made out to S.W.I.M. Ministries and sent to:

Shug Bury
P.O. Box 5477
Hopkins, MN 55331
Posted on June 5, 2013 .

Nairobi Prison's Were Not What I Thought They Would Be!

I arrived expecting to see horrific conditions in the prisons of Nairobi, Africa. I had read notorious accounts of prison life and the terrible conditions of the prison. What I experienced and saw were quite unexpected...

My first invitation to preach was at the Industrial Area Remand Prison. As much as I would have liked to share photos with you, it is forbidden because of security reasons. (This is standard in most prisons around the world.)

My first impression when I came through the gate was the outer courtyard was different than some prisons. It was well landscaped and manicured. The officers I met were friendly and courteous. (Which isn't always the case in prisons.) I was thinking to myself; "I'm sure it is not like this on the inside, deep within the prison walls? Can it be this orderly and clean?"

We had to wait quite awhile before we were ushered into the actual prison. Security is high and for good reason. This "Remand" prison is the place where people who are arrested go and wait for their court hearings. In Africa this system can be multiple years at best. There are over 600-900 male inmates being held here at any given time.

As I entered inside the prison walls I was suspicious, expecting filth, decay, unlivable conditions. As I followed the officers around the corner, the first thing I saw were several inmates watering down the floors and sweeping them clean in the outdoor courtyard. I was surprised as they led me into the “actual” living quarters of the inmates to speak to the male juveniles. When I looked around, I noticed the bunk beds were properly made and the rooms were surprisingly in order. Please keep in mind, this is still a prison but well maintained.

What God did was amazing. Throughout the Gospel message, you could see God touch each those young hearts.  All but two of these juveniles got on their knees at the end of the message and surrendered their lives to Jesus. “They arrived as boys and will be leaving this prison as men of God.”  Awesome!

I was later ushered to the main outdoor courtyard where I spoke to the adult population. There were men throughout the courtyard curious as to what this blonde-haired, white woman was going to say. The officers asked me to come around to the other side of the fence that partitions off the courtyard. I was surprised to discover this is where I was to give the message... on the other side of this fence partition. This was a new experience for me, to preach with a chain-link fence between the inmates and myself.

I was concerned my voice would not project enough for all to hear without a microphone. Realizing the conditions, the team quickly prayed for my voice. Not only did God project my voice like an amplifier... but I could hear it echoing off of the walls throughout the entire prison! Despite the many obstacles, God did a great work  - He flowed through that prison like a mighty river, and many men came to Christ!

Afterwards, it is proper to say hello to the officials in charge in Africa. We could learn from this practice in America. I was escorted out to meet the Commissioner of the entire Providence. A Providence is similar to a very large and heavily populated county in the U.S.  I also met the Commanding Officer of the Industrial Area Remand Prison. 

When I was escorted into their offices, I was overjoyed to be greeted by impressive strong leaders... who to my surprise... both happen to be women!  This excellence in leadership and prison appearance is accomplished because the top level of leadership in Nairobi prisons is run by quality women... (and men) of excellence!

Thank you Jesus - these inmates deserve our very best!
Posted on May 29, 2013 .

"Hell's Best Kept Secret" in Evangelism!

What is Hell's Best Kept Secret in evangelism? 

I believe we have done an injustice in how we share the Gospel with people on the streets and in prisons. We either tend to bend too far in one direction or too far in the other.

In one direction... we tend to share the "Cotton Candy" message of the Bible; the mercy, grace and sweet taste of... "Do you want a better life with Christ?" 

Don't get me wrong, this is an important part of scripture, but it is the "Frosting" of our faith not the long-lasting meat.  

This message does not teach the entire truth of the Bible. It does not save and often brings a false conversion lacking substance. 

At the first glimpse of trouble, these believers fall away feeling embarrassed that they believed and that this loving God has not protected them from the hard times.

In the far opposite direction... we pound the Bible over inmate's heads and only emphasize they are all sinners bound for hell. I can confidently say this approach doesn't work. Most inmate's have heard countless times that they are outcasts of society and they feel hopeless. 

Please tell me, what is attractive about the Gospel when hell and damnation is the core message? Who would even bother coming to church when they feel condemned and rejected by God.

Hell's Best Kept Secret... 
We are not leading the conversation like Christ. (Matthew 19:16-22)

So what's wrong? We fail to take the time to prepare the soil properly. 

I have found in sharing the Good News, inmates need to have the hard "soil" of their souls stirred and prepped before they receive the Truth of the Gospel. 

This method of stirring the soil is so effective, that even last week when I was street evangelizing in Tel Aviv, Israel, a muslim and several Jews stood still and listened intently. I believe God can use this style of sharing in a loving, fun way to prepare their hearts to say "YES" to Jesus.

Sharing with a young Jewish woman in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Notice the officer watching and waiting for me to do something wrong so he can stop me.
We were having a fun conversation and laughing using this method.

I am listening intently to the woman share her concerns.
God allowed me to lead her all the way to the throne of God.
She said; "This is interesting and it all makes sense." 
She was amazed when I mentioned maybe this was a God appointment.
This Orthodox Jew was thinking and listened intently.

She hugged me and was grateful I shared the Gospel Truth with her.

Do you dare to try it? This is the same method Jesus used in the Bible as our example. When the soil is prepared using God's Ten Commandments, which is His standard for righteousness, seeds grow where they are planted.

I recently role played this method in front of hundreds of inmates with a team member during our prison church. It was powerful! You could feel God's Spirit flowing through the prison. It works!

To take it a step further, this upcoming church service I am planning on teaching this method of evangelism to the inmates themselves, they will then have tools to minister inside of the prison.

Plain and simply... God's way works!
Here is the free video link for your reference.
Check out the first and the last video: 
"Hell's Best Kept Secret." and "W.D.J.D."    
The first video shares "why" we need this approach and the last video shares the "how" to share the Gospel.

Why reinvent the wheel? Instead use Christ's example? It is an easy and effective way to share with everyone the Gospel.

If you dare... will you allow God to use this method to love the inmates to the cross in prisons around the world! 

These inmates deserve our very best!

It just doesn't get any better than this!


Posted on May 3, 2013 .

I Need Your Help!

Dearest Friends in Christ,

I could smell the stench… and hear the singing right before the huge massive doors swung open at the Rusuzi Prison in Rwanda. I was warned what to expect, I have been serving in the U.S. prisons for over 7 years – there shouldn’t be any big surprises - no problem, right?  I knew it would not be like the prisons here, but what I saw and experienced was far more than I could have ever imagined…

When the vast doors opened, I was escorted into the courtyard of the prison holding 3,500 men who were incarcerated for all levels of crime. The front-page headline of the Rwandan newspaper heralded; “Witchdoctor Skins Boy!” These are the very men God has called me to visit. 

As I took my first step inside, I felt I was walking into one of those old “Where’s Waldo” books.  Imagine, thousands of faces everywhere… faces lining the hallways, faces crammed in the courtyard and faces trying to peer through the small prison windows…

…They were all curious to see what this white haired, middle-aged, white woman was going to share?

I wish you could have seen it! The weathered faces of the tough prisoners, miraculously melting from the power of the God’s Word. After describing in vivid detail three stories from the Bible, the call was simply made:

You already have had a small taste of how miserable hell can be while here in prison!”
“The Good News is Jesus knows your name, you are loved and not forgotten. One Word from Jesus and all witchcraft, voodoo and demon worship can be cast out of your life.  Jesus is coming through your prison today and wants to forgive and heal you of your darkest sins. Raise you hand high if …”

What happens next still takes my breath away!  During the prayer, I witnessed hand after hand held high saying, “YES” to Jesus from the Truth of the Gospel. These same hardened faces were weeping from their brokenness and yet were filled with joy at the same time. Jesus was unlocking the chains of sin… and if you listened closely, you could hear the chains collapse on the prison floor.

Countless weary hands rose high in the air, surrendering their lives over to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They crossed over from death to eternal life that day. Wow!

Don’t worry… we did not leave them there to fend for themselves.

S.W.I.M. (Shine On The World International Ministries) had prepared months before I even arrived.  Not only did they make preparations with the Government, but they also had a worship band in place with electric guitars, speakers, microphones etc.  SWIM provided translators and transportation, housing, water and food. Trained teams were sent ahead to work with the local churches equipping them to walk alongside these new believers after we leave.

“I was impressed with how much S.W.I.M. MINISTRIES accomplished - squeezing every last penny from the dollars that were selflessly donated

What’s next?

I have been invited to share the love of Christ May 22-June 4th in Nairobi, Africa to the Juvenile Correctional Facilities, Prisons, Universities and Churches.  I later return August 1-14 to a new area of Rwanda speaking to the Prisoners and providing basic needs. Our S.W.I.M. team last year shared the Gospel to over 84,000 people on one trip, bringing needed supplies to the prisoners and children. Amazing!
“I am asking if you will join me to save lives in the dark corners of the prisons?”

I need to provide $15,000.00 to go towards supplies and expenses for the inmates for these two trips. As of 6/5/13 people have generously given from their hearts with $5,400.00. Only $9,600.00 to go.* 

(*As of the beginning of August it was all received by generous donors, see post on 8/19/13. Please continue to give as God prompts you for our next trip in 2014)

Simply stated, “I cannot do this without your help.”

Where does this money go? In order to go into the prisons of Africa, the Government requires us to bring essential supplies for the inmates. The Government barely supplies the basic needs for inmates and depends on the families to provide. No family? It is survival mode for the inmates and their babies. (Yes, there are children in the prisons of Africa.)
  • Bales of food     Bibles
  • Clothing            Blankets
  • Jackets              Prison Baby Clothes

Inmates are people just like you and me and Jesus calls us go to them as well.

Together, will you serve with me by donating to SWIM Ministries for this life saving mission?

I have a big ASK and we have a BIG God.  
“You are blessed to be a blessing!”

Please make checks out to H.I.M. MINISTRIES
and send your tax deductable contribution to:

P.O. Box 87
Chanhassen, MN 55317

Most of all I need your prayers… prayers for protection and God’s power as He speaks through me. Please pray that I would have God’s unconditional love for these broken people.


Posted on April 21, 2013 .


While in "protective custody, segregation or lockdown," inmates are starving for God's love and mercy.

Freedom in jail!  Again, I witnessed God speaking powerfully throughout the jail church service this past week. The hardened inmates who seemingly came in only wanting to sit in the back and visit, surprisingly, found themselves weeping for the Lord and surrendering their hearts to Christ. I could see the relief in their eyes and a new freedom in their Spirits as they were leaving. Awesome!

Behind-the-scenes jail tour:  I requested a tour of the jail to further expand my understanding in corrections. Most of the time I speak in prisons, so I wanted to understand the process, the similarities and the differences.

Towards the end of the tour, we were granted permission to speak with the inmates in the dark recesses of (P.C.) Protective Custody unit. This is an area where male and female inmates are either a danger to others, or a danger to themselves. Imagine a small, one bed kennel-like closet with a toilet and full Plexiglas wall and door for full viewing. Some cells which were intended for one had two to three inmates in each confinement. These closet cells lined the walls circling the officers posted in the center of the room. We were warned that we may see crude and inappropriate behavior and we could exit immediately if we wanted to leave. I held my breath and said a quick prayer as we entered.

It was immediate! As soon as I walked into the unit, there was a supernatural magnetic pull towards the isolated inmates housed in these "glass closets."  I cannot explain it... other than the Holy Spirit's pull to share the truth of the Gospel to the lost, unsaved, hurting people who were waiting hopelessly in a cell 24/7.

My heart just ached for them to the point where I was going to burst if I didn't do something. I boldly asked permission from the officers if I could approach the glass wall of the women's cells to ask if they would like prayer. Little did I know God had greater plans in store...

As I was praying with them, other inmates began requesting for us to come over and pray with them as well. It soon became a chain reaction of the Holy Spirit's call. 

My fellow team member later reflected; "You could literally feel the pull of God's Spirit towards these inmates wanting to receive prayer." In this limited time frame, several inmates surrendered their lives over to Christ and prayed the prayer of salvation. Wow, the power of God's love is miraculous!

I wish you could have been there as we knelt in prayer on holy ground, placing our hands together on each side of the glass wall that separated us... This is an image and power I will never forget as I watched them cross over from death to eternal life. 


As I was leaving the protective custody area I was physically exhausted from the morning service, the tour and the heart wrenching darkness of the jail. I looked back over my shoulder to wave goodbye and I could see a few men across the unit... holding up their hands inside their glass confinements... still wanting to be noticed and receive prayer. My heart just broke... 

It reminded me of Mark 6:34, when Jesus and his disciples were exhausted and looking for rest as they climbed out of the boat. When Jesus saw the large crowd his heart broke for the lost. 

"...Jesus had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So He began teaching them many things." 

That is exactly what I saw in jail that morning... countless sheep hopelessly lost without a shepherd...



My heartfelt thanks to the officers who took the time to give us a tour and answer my unending questions. I pray this information will continue to deepen our understanding and ministry for the incarcerated. May God bless you and your families for your selfless service.

Posted on March 23, 2013 .


On the race track of life, I am one of those odd people that when-ever and where-ever I go, I look for God to give me an opening to weave out of the congested pack to share the love of Christ.

"...let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." Hebrews 12:1

Imagine race day in Daytona. The largest watched and attended sporting event in the nation. Here I am walking through the swarms of people while my husband is looking at the various vendors. The vendors are busy selling the hottest and greatest apparel representing their driver of choice. I am enjoying the "people watching" and the hype of the event... off in the distance I notice ESPN filming a "live" pre-race show. As I walk closer, I see a panel of race car experts weighing in and commentating on the biggest race of the year... LIVE!

Mmmmmm. Have you ever seen those over-zealous people behind the scenes of the camera, raising up their signs and waving for all of America to see? I think you know where I am going with this thought...


I pull my husband aside asking for him to wait, "This will only take a minute." (If I were to compare my marriage like the race at Daytona; my husband is my finest pit crew chief, encouraging and supporting me during every turn of the race that God has laid out before us.) He is not at all surprised at my next daring move and encourages me to seize the opportunity.

I grab a sign and begin writing a short link to this prison site. I know 100's of 1,000's of people are in their homes, possibly entertaining with friends and watching the ESPN pre-race show. Will they see this crazy woman's sign waving behind the commentators heads and be curious enough to look up the link and pray for the inmates? This is my hope...

I am now holding my sign standing amongst the throngs of others towards the back. Like in the races, my pit crew chief (husband) encourages me to make a move away from the pack towards the front. I strategically weave towards the front, drafting behind other's who are trying to do the same. I see an opening and make my break for it pulling out in front!

I am now in the front of the masses of people. I can feel the other's press in behind me. I nervously lift high my prison sign - standing on the top of my toes and reaching up as far as my arms will stretch. I glance over to see the other fan's signs next to me. Some have written their favorite driver's names or a "hello" to their state or loved ones. 

I snicker... as I imagine ESPN does not see too many "Prison" signs held high by mid-life female race car fans. My hope is that this sign will nudge the nation to pause and pray for the incarcerated across the world!

I stand in confidence knowing God has strategically directed my moves. I patiently wait... the roving eye of the overhead camera scans the countless fans and then turns in my direction and surprisingly stops! The camera is clearly pointing at my sign... the pause seems like forever. The fans next to me turn and stretch their necks to see what is written on my sign. I wonder if the producers are checking the link out on the internet?  I can see the producers talking to the camera men, I wonder what are they saying? The oddity of this sign gets the best of them and they zoom in... "we are now live on ESPN!"

Yahoo! I imagine hearing the crowd cheering like the final lap of an exciting race. Could you hear the angels cheering from Daytona? 

God, once again, crosses the finish line to win the race and be honored in Victory Lane! 

All For His Glory!


Posted on March 12, 2013 .


"Guilty as charged!" 100% of the jail and prison inmates have heard something similar to this from their courtroom judge. 

I personally am guilty as well... I am guilty of my sin against God and other's. 
I'm confessing openly to all, that I am weak and unable to save myself. 
I resonate with Paul when he says in Romans 7:15: 

"I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do." 

Do you also struggle with Paul's tug of war concerning sin? I doSome common questions I often hear and will address are: "Am I judged for my sin after I am saved?" "Why do I still sin if I am free from it." "What will happen to my family if they don't believe?" "If there is grace, why not just keep on sinning since I'll be forgiven?" "I am a good person, doesn't that count for something?"

Since this topic is widely ignored by Christians we will be discovering together about the "Great White Throne of Judgment" from Revelation 20:11-15. We will explore the misconceptions of this topic as well as the two types of judgment. 

"There will be triumph and tears at the judgment seat of Christ." (Erwin Lutzer)

This is going to be a "hot" topic!  How do I know...? 
Because, I am currently under attack from the enemy in my personal life. As miserable as this is, I do not want to miss the learning application of the trial for myself, as well as learning from this life experience as a teaching tool for the inmates. 

I sure could use your prayers:
  1. For my time and preparation - that God would speak through me using scripture and role-playing. 
  2. That the Holy Spirit will take this broad topic and make it understandable and applicable to their lives.
  3. That I will have God's heart and love others like He does. (I am a work in progress with this one.)

  1. That the inmates will attend and invite friends and the auditorium will be full to the brim. Pray for attentive listening and no prison disruptions.
  2. Boldly, let's lift these inmate's up to God, asking they will believe deep in their hearts they are accountable and will give an account to Christ for the deeds done in the body... whether good or bad. (2 Corinthians 5:10)
  3. Pray this message will motivate them to faithful living in Christ.
  4. (Then there is the judgment topic... I am working on as well.) Please pray they will not become judgmental over other's as a result of this message but instead be filled with mercy and grace.
  5. The Holy Spirit will remove the chains of unbelief and the enemy will be bound.
  6. Many will invite Jesus to be their Savior.
  7. I am praying BIG... That this message will change all of our lives.

What about the prostitutes, the robbers, the murderers and the outcasts of society? 
It doesn't matter how "good" you are, none of us is worthy. What we lack is the righteousness that God requires for entry into heaven. We all fall short compared to God's righteousness. Impossible!

"What we lack is Christ's righteousness that God requires for entry into heaven." 

PLEASE KNOW that it is not too late to "trade" in your sins for Christ's righteousness. It is open to everyone... yes everyone! Even people living in the deepest, darkest pits of depravity. There is no sin too bad or terrible for Christ's love to erase. Jesus is waiting for you to pursue Him, for you to invite Him into your life. Did you know, Jesus also "rewards" those who put their faith in Him and then continue to live a life loving others?

Jesus is waiting... for you to pursue Him, for you to invite HIm into your life. When you confess and believe Jesus paid the price for your sins by dying on the cross... Jesus supernaturally exchanges your sins for His white robes of righteousness. The chains of sin's power are released from your life... forever!  

Hang on, it gets even better! 
Then Jesus places His Spirit IN us... "signed, sealed and delivered!"
A wonderful counselor to guide and empower us 24/7!

So how about you, what will you experience at the judgment seat of Christ? Is your name written in the Book of Life? Will you be seeing Christ as your Judge or your Savior? Together, let's spur one another on to look in the mirror and really ask ourselves, "Am I daily living my life with God's eternal vision in mind?"

"Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done." 
Revelation 22:12

It is not too late to be freed from the penalty of "Guilty as charged."


Posted on January 25, 2013 .

PRISON TURF WARS - "Where Did Jesus Go For Three Days After He Died?"

An inmate's hand shot up out of the blue with a question in the middle of the church message. "Hey Shug, where in the Bible does it say Jesus went to Hell? You know, when they say 'he descended into hell?'" I detected a little attitude in her voice, almost a dare for me to find the verses. So I decided to act upon it.

(I love this about prison church services... there is never a dull moment.)

So I asked, in the middle of the service; "Would you like me to do a message next time on this topic?" I saw heads nodding and a resounding"YES" from the majority of the inmates. Some realizing they didn't know this is said in part of the Apostles Creed.

"...suffered under Pontius Pilate; 
was crucified, died and was buried; 
he descended into hell, 
on the third day he rose again from the dead;
he ascended into heaven,
and is sitting at the right hand of God the Father Almighty..." 

At this point everyone in prison was wondering..."Where did Jesus go after he died for three days?"

Alone in my office as I finalize the research on the Apostles Creed, Scripture and commentaries.  I came to realize through prayer, this controversial topic is really about "TURF WARS."

There are all sorts of "Turf Wars" going on in our lives. Just wake up and get out of bed and you'll witness good and evil battling it out for the "Turf" in our lives. Gangs fighting for their neighborhood turf. Addictions beating up their victims until they surrender from the battle. The invisible "Turf" in our souls that ache to be filled by the love of Christ and then we fill it with everything but...

Biblical Scholars are even battling for "Turf", dissecting these verses and forming a variety of logical differing conclusions. The question on the table for generations has been; "Did Jesus descend into hell?" Basing their queries from some of the content in 1 Peter 3:18-20, 1 Peter 4:4-6 and Psalm 16:1-11.

Pot stirring trouble... comes to the forefront when we mix one of my favorite verses in Luke. When Jesus and the criminal were hanging on the cross, side by side, death knocking on their door...

Then he said, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom."
Jesus answered him, "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise." 
Luke 23:42-43

Join me in being still for a moment, resting in the thought that no matter what the scholars say, no matter what religion says, our God does not contradict Himself. (Paradise today vs. descended into hell.)  We may never know until we see Christ face to face what the true meaning of these passages are... but rest assured the "TURF WAR" battle for our souls has already been won!

Strengthen up my friends... we need to claim back the "Turf" that is rightfully God's. "Turf" that is already won by Christ on the cross. As you get out of bed today, remember, that you are already starting your day from the territory of VICTORY!

So... what are you waiting for?  Let's go out and boldly live that way!


Posted on January 11, 2013 .