Here I come... to the Prison Trenches of Africa

Dearest Friend,

Power of Prayer! Some Pastor friends of mine could not emphasize enough the importance of the power of prayer when you go into the trenches of Africa prisons. I agree. I have had a front row seat to see God's miracles because of prayer. So, I am counting on you...

Many of you have stepped forward donated your hard earned money, and are expecting God to impact the lives of the poverty-stricken prisoners and training for the prison chaplains/pastors. Basic prison supplies are extremely limited, while voodoo/witch-craft and "works" is the mixed theology in their daily lives.

Thursday morning I am leaving for those trenches in Africa and I need your help. Will you take a moment to follow our call for prayer, and battle for these souls.

  • Like the Apostle Paul, please pray that God would speak boldly through me. I am asking that His perfect words would anoint and flow through me and the team with a freedom from the Holy Spirit.
  • That we would "get the love thing right" and love everyone like Jesus in the dark corners of Africa.
  • Satan and his dominions would be hog-tied and helpless. No satanic forces would hinder this entire mission. No corruption or disruptions.
  • Travel mercies as I am traveling alone much of the time. 
  • June 11-21st HIM Prison Ministries (myself) is partnering with Spring of Hope International Ministries out of Spokane Washington to follow up with the prisons I worked with last year in the Kendu Bay, Homa Bay area of Kenya. To train inmates and church leaders in prison mentorship. I will be going into three prisons to preach the Gospel and train/disciple inmate leaders inside of prison. I am excited to be bringing Bibles donated by you and the MOPS MOMS in Minnesota, along with a letter of encouragement for each inmate receiving the Bibles. "Lord, may I be granted permission by the prisons officials to take photos of the inmate's excited faces."
  • June 21-27 Please pray for safe, timely travel, as I venture back to Nairobi to conduct our (first annual) Prison Leadership Conference in Nairobi. This is much more exciting than I ever imagined. God has flung open the doors for prison ministry in this vast, bustling city. 
  • I am hosting along with SMiMS Charity a prison ministry conference for up to 50+ Prison Chaplains, Pastors and Leaders from around Kenya June 22-24. They are traveling in to collaborate together, encourage one another and be trained in Christian prison mentorship. We will finish up our conference by attending a Nairobi prison together. (This could possibly be the first conference for prison ministry of it's kind in Kenya.) "Father, God, please invite, hand-pick and release the right prison chaplains/leaders for this conference."
  • Wednesday, June 24, We finish up our conference, hand out their awards of completion and then we are tentatively scheduled for an interview on Nairobi's local TV program to heighten awareness in prison ministry.
  • Thursday, June 25, I meet with ex-offenders for a day long conference. "Heavenly Father, may these precious ex-offenders find purpose, encouragement and restoration through our time together."
  • Friday, June 26, debrief meetings and planning for next years conference. I leave Friday for the USA and return home Saturday to sleep!

Please pray for the details of the trip and for my preaching and training. "Merciful Father, put together the perfect message for each and every group?" 

I am leaning into God, depending on His provision and sovereignty for this "exciting and nerve-rackingly, fabulous trip!" 

"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I Lord, Send me!"  Isaiah 6:8

Posted on June 11, 2015 .