Some have heard, some have not. I was diagnosed several years ago with an auto-immune, liver disease called PSC or Primary Schlerosing Cholangitis. This very rare disease causes my body to attack it's own liver. I was diagnosed between stages 3 & 4 of liver failure. There is no cause for this disease and there is no medical cure.

I had been going to the Mayo Clinic for observation and testing, they said I had probably had this for 15-20 years without knowing until it's later stages. Then last year they diagnosed me with a second auto-immune disease called UC-Ulcerative Colitis. For some, PSC goes hand in hand along with UC and liver cancer.

I felt like JOB from the Bible. The enemy attacked every area of Job's life... then finally Satan attacked his health. Being on the battle front for Christ in prisons, over the years Satan has attacked the same areas in my life as well. I was oddly excited about my diagnosis, whatever the reason, God found me worthy to glorify him through this disease.

Last week, we went returned to the Mayo Clinic for more testing and monitoring. After two days of testing the Doctor came in very sober and serious. "Shug, what have you been doing different?" I had no idea what that meant so I said' "Mmmmm, nothing... OH, but lots of prayer!"

The Mayo Doctor explained there is no other reason, because of prayer my body had reversed itself and my PSC liver disease is GONE! OVER 1500 DIFFERENT MEDICAL SCANS OF MY LIVER WERE DONE AND IT IS GONE! Not only that but my UC Ulcerative Colitis is also... GONE! 

We all wept, including the doctor, and we ALL immediately prayed. We prayed for Mayo's other patients who are suffering and daily dying as well. The Doctor said they NEVER get to deliver this good news, this is an incurable disease. "Ahhhhh, the power of prayer. Thank you Jesus." Imagine, if this was a pill I took, it would be on the front page of every medical journal... but prayer?... Nothing.

People often ask me HOW did I pray? It's simple... I gave it over to Christ. "Lord, no matter what happens I want you will be glorified. You have allowed this disease to enter my life. I want to glorify you in the hospital, or liver conferences, anywhere that you send me...if it is your will."  "OR...I will glorify you if you decide to miraculously heal me. I will SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAINTOPS... MY GOD HEALS IN THE POWER OF JESUS CHRIST'S NAME!" 

"Father, whatever you decide... I trust you, that this will be used either way for your glory."

Painfully, I don't know why God heals some and does not others. It is now only my job not to wonder why, but to bring hope and tell others... (I am forever available to tell any group or person who needs to hear...


I love you - thank you for your powerful prayers. Whoop! Whoop!


P.S. Please pray for the prisoners, that God would use me to share this great news through His Holy Spirit's Power. Many surrender and receive Christ because of it. 

Posted on October 19, 2015 .