As requested by the Rwandan Government, we traveled north near the Congo to Rubavu
to share "Hell's Best Kept Secret."
Hundred's rejoiced as they were saved by the truth of the Gospel.
At each prison, we are meeting the inmate's physical needs along with their spiritual needs.
The Government asks that we bring supplies along when we share the Gospel.
Our supporters generously gave needed essentials for the inmates of the prisons.
(Food, soap, shoes, clothes, toilet paper and Bibles.)
The Director of the Musanze Prison graciously receiving our supplies.

but, I will never forget the Musanze District and Rubavu Prison's in Rwanda.

On this trip, I watched the Gospel of Jesus melt the hearts of men, women and children, young and old.

God would answer our prayers as we specifically prayed for the 
Prostitutes, Witches, Addicts, Adulterers and Prisoners.

There is POWER in the name of "JESUS!"

An unbelievable story of the dark underworld.
On my third visit that week to the same prison, I wondered who God would hand-pick to join His Kingdom today?  I shared the truth of the Gospel and gave them an opportunity for the invitation. I rejoiced again as I witnessed 180 new inmates raise their hands high for Christ. I then began to share a few "Now What?" steps for them to follow.

This is where the unusual happened...  
I felt the Spirit urge me to stop and ask: "Is there someone here who missed their chance to say "YES" to Jesus and would like to repent and receive Him now?" I looked around... no hands up in the air.. Mmmm, I thought for sure I understood God's Spirit? Without response, I continued on with my final thoughts. When out of the corner of my eye, walked up two large men, they stood right in front of me and wanted to receive Christ. 

Each person has their own unique stories, I usually am not able to hear the stories of each one of the saved... but God knows. Today, I had the privilege to learn about these two men as they shared their stories. 

One man wanted to repent of his past sins and was desperate for Christ as His Savior. 
The second man had been battling with the witch-craft underworld. He had shared how he was successful in this dark world. He married a female spirit and he was now fearful as her spirit was coming to him in his sleep and trying kill him by strangulation. He thought his life was over and he feared to shut his eyes and sleep.

Now in prison, he walked up to our service out of curiosity. As he listened to the Gospel and love of Christ, 
the POWER of God's Gospel ripped open his hardened heart. 
When I obediently made the second call, it gave this man an opportunity to surrender his life over to Christ. He was desperately seeking forgiveness, ready to begin a new life! 
Suddenly, the inmate's were dancing and celebrating because of what they had witnessed God do all week.


Waiting to hear the Gospel in a remote village by the Congo.
Sharing the urgency of our need for a Savior, to the prostitutes, addicts, and adulterers in the villages around Rwanda.
Notice the people on the outside rim, those were the one's that God was speaking to in a life-changing way!

 Watching souls cross over from death to life...
"It just doesn't get any better than this!"

Posted on August 19, 2013 .