"HELL'S BEST KEPT SECRET" Exposed In Nairobi, Kenya

Shug Bury with a small handful of men in the large Kimiti Maximum Security Prison.
This was one of three prisons;
Kamiti Men's Prison, Industrial Area Remand Prison, Lang'ata Women's Prison in which she was invited to preach.
(This was the only area the team was able to take pictures.)

Exposing "Hell's Best Kept Secret" in the Kimiti Maximum Security Prison in Nairobi, Kenya.

These Kamiti prison brave young juveniles stood up for  Christ!

Way Of The Master www.wayofthemaster.com 
method not only works in the U.S.A.... 
not only works on the streets of Israel... 

but works powerfully in Nairobi, Kenya as well.

Nairobi Upper Hill High School students enjoying the questions Shug is asking their schoolmate.

Students from Upper Hill High School enjoyed the banter as I posed a few questions to a fellow classmate.

  • Do you think you are a good person? 
  • Do you believe in the ten commandments? 
  • May I ask you three questions to see if you are a good person?

  1. Have you ever lied before? (Liar)
  2. Have you ever stolen anything before? (Thief)
  3. Have you ever used the Lord's name in vain? By dragging your creator God's name through the mud? (Blasphemer)

  • So by your own admission... you are a "lying, thieving, blasphemer, is that correct?" That is only three of the ten commandments!
  • Would you be judged by God guilty or innocent of keeping the ten commandments?
  • Would you be going to heaven or to hell?

Everyone got a big laugh out of the questions, but after I explained, they understood their desperate need for a Savior! 

God opened the floodgates as a river of students stood up for Christ that morning in a "Christian" school! 

These students came in as boys... but left as powerful men in Christ!

Praise God for His mighty work in Kenya! "Hallelujah!"

Kimiti Prison Juveniles

My next S.W.I.M. trip is planned for August... God willing... in the prisons and villages in Musanze, Rwanda! In the meantime, I'm sharing locally in prisons, churches, and MN Teen Challenge.

Thank you for your trust, continued financial support and prayers. It just doesn't get any better than this... rescuing souls for Christ's kingdom.


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Posted on June 5, 2013 .