I Need Your Help!

Dearest Friends in Christ,

I could smell the stench… and hear the singing right before the huge massive doors swung open at the Rusuzi Prison in Rwanda. I was warned what to expect, I have been serving in the U.S. prisons for over 7 years – there shouldn’t be any big surprises - no problem, right?  I knew it would not be like the prisons here, but what I saw and experienced was far more than I could have ever imagined…

When the vast doors opened, I was escorted into the courtyard of the prison holding 3,500 men who were incarcerated for all levels of crime. The front-page headline of the Rwandan newspaper heralded; “Witchdoctor Skins Boy!” These are the very men God has called me to visit. 

As I took my first step inside, I felt I was walking into one of those old “Where’s Waldo” books.  Imagine, thousands of faces everywhere… faces lining the hallways, faces crammed in the courtyard and faces trying to peer through the small prison windows…

…They were all curious to see what this white haired, middle-aged, white woman was going to share?

I wish you could have seen it! The weathered faces of the tough prisoners, miraculously melting from the power of the God’s Word. After describing in vivid detail three stories from the Bible, the call was simply made:

You already have had a small taste of how miserable hell can be while here in prison!”
“The Good News is Jesus knows your name, you are loved and not forgotten. One Word from Jesus and all witchcraft, voodoo and demon worship can be cast out of your life.  Jesus is coming through your prison today and wants to forgive and heal you of your darkest sins. Raise you hand high if …”

What happens next still takes my breath away!  During the prayer, I witnessed hand after hand held high saying, “YES” to Jesus from the Truth of the Gospel. These same hardened faces were weeping from their brokenness and yet were filled with joy at the same time. Jesus was unlocking the chains of sin… and if you listened closely, you could hear the chains collapse on the prison floor.

Countless weary hands rose high in the air, surrendering their lives over to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They crossed over from death to eternal life that day. Wow!

Don’t worry… we did not leave them there to fend for themselves.

S.W.I.M. (Shine On The World International Ministries) had prepared months before I even arrived.  Not only did they make preparations with the Government, but they also had a worship band in place with electric guitars, speakers, microphones etc.  SWIM provided translators and transportation, housing, water and food. Trained teams were sent ahead to work with the local churches equipping them to walk alongside these new believers after we leave.

“I was impressed with how much S.W.I.M. MINISTRIES accomplished - squeezing every last penny from the dollars that were selflessly donated

What’s next?

I have been invited to share the love of Christ May 22-June 4th in Nairobi, Africa to the Juvenile Correctional Facilities, Prisons, Universities and Churches.  I later return August 1-14 to a new area of Rwanda speaking to the Prisoners and providing basic needs. Our S.W.I.M. team last year shared the Gospel to over 84,000 people on one trip, bringing needed supplies to the prisoners and children. Amazing!
“I am asking if you will join me to save lives in the dark corners of the prisons?”

I need to provide $15,000.00 to go towards supplies and expenses for the inmates for these two trips. As of 6/5/13 people have generously given from their hearts with $5,400.00. Only $9,600.00 to go.* 

(*As of the beginning of August it was all received by generous donors, see post on 8/19/13. Please continue to give as God prompts you for our next trip in 2014)

Simply stated, “I cannot do this without your help.”

Where does this money go? In order to go into the prisons of Africa, the Government requires us to bring essential supplies for the inmates. The Government barely supplies the basic needs for inmates and depends on the families to provide. No family? It is survival mode for the inmates and their babies. (Yes, there are children in the prisons of Africa.)
  • Bales of food     Bibles
  • Clothing            Blankets
  • Jackets              Prison Baby Clothes

Inmates are people just like you and me and Jesus calls us go to them as well.

Together, will you serve with me by donating to SWIM Ministries for this life saving mission?

I have a big ASK and we have a BIG God.  
“You are blessed to be a blessing!”

Please make checks out to H.I.M. MINISTRIES
and send your tax deductable contribution to:

P.O. Box 87
Chanhassen, MN 55317

Most of all I need your prayers… prayers for protection and God’s power as He speaks through me. Please pray that I would have God’s unconditional love for these broken people.


Posted on April 21, 2013 .