On the race track of life, I am one of those odd people that when-ever and where-ever I go, I look for God to give me an opening to weave out of the congested pack to share the love of Christ.

"...let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." Hebrews 12:1

Imagine race day in Daytona. The largest watched and attended sporting event in the nation. Here I am walking through the swarms of people while my husband is looking at the various vendors. The vendors are busy selling the hottest and greatest apparel representing their driver of choice. I am enjoying the "people watching" and the hype of the event... off in the distance I notice ESPN filming a "live" pre-race show. As I walk closer, I see a panel of race car experts weighing in and commentating on the biggest race of the year... LIVE!

Mmmmmm. Have you ever seen those over-zealous people behind the scenes of the camera, raising up their signs and waving for all of America to see? I think you know where I am going with this thought...


I pull my husband aside asking for him to wait, "This will only take a minute." (If I were to compare my marriage like the race at Daytona; my husband is my finest pit crew chief, encouraging and supporting me during every turn of the race that God has laid out before us.) He is not at all surprised at my next daring move and encourages me to seize the opportunity.

I grab a sign and begin writing a short link to this prison site. I know 100's of 1,000's of people are in their homes, possibly entertaining with friends and watching the ESPN pre-race show. Will they see this crazy woman's sign waving behind the commentators heads and be curious enough to look up the link and pray for the inmates? This is my hope...

I am now holding my sign standing amongst the throngs of others towards the back. Like in the races, my pit crew chief (husband) encourages me to make a move away from the pack towards the front. I strategically weave towards the front, drafting behind other's who are trying to do the same. I see an opening and make my break for it pulling out in front!

I am now in the front of the masses of people. I can feel the other's press in behind me. I nervously lift high my prison sign - standing on the top of my toes and reaching up as far as my arms will stretch. I glance over to see the other fan's signs next to me. Some have written their favorite driver's names or a "hello" to their state or loved ones. 

I snicker... as I imagine ESPN does not see too many "Prison" signs held high by mid-life female race car fans. My hope is that this sign will nudge the nation to pause and pray for the incarcerated across the world!

I stand in confidence knowing God has strategically directed my moves. I patiently wait... the roving eye of the overhead camera scans the countless fans and then turns in my direction and surprisingly stops! The camera is clearly pointing at my sign... the pause seems like forever. The fans next to me turn and stretch their necks to see what is written on my sign. I wonder if the producers are checking the link out on the internet?  I can see the producers talking to the camera men, I wonder what are they saying? The oddity of this sign gets the best of them and they zoom in... "we are now live on ESPN!"

Yahoo! I imagine hearing the crowd cheering like the final lap of an exciting race. Could you hear the angels cheering from Daytona? 

God, once again, crosses the finish line to win the race and be honored in Victory Lane! 

All For His Glory!


Posted on March 12, 2013 .