"Guilty as charged!" 100% of the jail and prison inmates have heard something similar to this from their courtroom judge. 

I personally am guilty as well... I am guilty of my sin against God and other's. 
I'm confessing openly to all, that I am weak and unable to save myself. 
I resonate with Paul when he says in Romans 7:15: 

"I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do." 

Do you also struggle with Paul's tug of war concerning sin? I doSome common questions I often hear and will address are: "Am I judged for my sin after I am saved?" "Why do I still sin if I am free from it." "What will happen to my family if they don't believe?" "If there is grace, why not just keep on sinning since I'll be forgiven?" "I am a good person, doesn't that count for something?"

Since this topic is widely ignored by Christians we will be discovering together about the "Great White Throne of Judgment" from Revelation 20:11-15. We will explore the misconceptions of this topic as well as the two types of judgment. 

"There will be triumph and tears at the judgment seat of Christ." (Erwin Lutzer)

This is going to be a "hot" topic!  How do I know...? 
Because, I am currently under attack from the enemy in my personal life. As miserable as this is, I do not want to miss the learning application of the trial for myself, as well as learning from this life experience as a teaching tool for the inmates. 

I sure could use your prayers:
  1. For my time and preparation - that God would speak through me using scripture and role-playing. 
  2. That the Holy Spirit will take this broad topic and make it understandable and applicable to their lives.
  3. That I will have God's heart and love others like He does. (I am a work in progress with this one.)

  1. That the inmates will attend and invite friends and the auditorium will be full to the brim. Pray for attentive listening and no prison disruptions.
  2. Boldly, let's lift these inmate's up to God, asking they will believe deep in their hearts they are accountable and will give an account to Christ for the deeds done in the body... whether good or bad. (2 Corinthians 5:10)
  3. Pray this message will motivate them to faithful living in Christ.
  4. (Then there is the judgment topic... I am working on as well.) Please pray they will not become judgmental over other's as a result of this message but instead be filled with mercy and grace.
  5. The Holy Spirit will remove the chains of unbelief and the enemy will be bound.
  6. Many will invite Jesus to be their Savior.
  7. I am praying BIG... That this message will change all of our lives.

What about the prostitutes, the robbers, the murderers and the outcasts of society? 
It doesn't matter how "good" you are, none of us is worthy. What we lack is the righteousness that God requires for entry into heaven. We all fall short compared to God's righteousness. Impossible!

"What we lack is Christ's righteousness that God requires for entry into heaven." 

PLEASE KNOW that it is not too late to "trade" in your sins for Christ's righteousness. It is open to everyone... yes everyone! Even people living in the deepest, darkest pits of depravity. There is no sin too bad or terrible for Christ's love to erase. Jesus is waiting for you to pursue Him, for you to invite Him into your life. Did you know, Jesus also "rewards" those who put their faith in Him and then continue to live a life loving others?

Jesus is waiting... for you to pursue Him, for you to invite HIm into your life. When you confess and believe Jesus paid the price for your sins by dying on the cross... Jesus supernaturally exchanges your sins for His white robes of righteousness. The chains of sin's power are released from your life... forever!  

Hang on, it gets even better! 
Then Jesus places His Spirit IN us... "signed, sealed and delivered!"
A wonderful counselor to guide and empower us 24/7!

So how about you, what will you experience at the judgment seat of Christ? Is your name written in the Book of Life? Will you be seeing Christ as your Judge or your Savior? Together, let's spur one another on to look in the mirror and really ask ourselves, "Am I daily living my life with God's eternal vision in mind?"

"Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done." 
Revelation 22:12

It is not too late to be freed from the penalty of "Guilty as charged."


Posted on January 25, 2013 .