SURVIVING SUFFERING IN PRISON... Using Patience and Perseverance

Is it true that those who make the biggest STINK get what they want? 

This week in prison the message will be centered around James 5:7-11. James is clear that they key to surviving suffering is patience.  "Be patient then..." James 5:7 

We will discuss the "do's and don'ts" in suffering. The "how-to persevere during the tough times" type survival skills. James encourages us to continue being patient until Christ's coming.

Are you tired of waiting?

  • Where are you patiently waiting for God to answer prayer...? Do you have a child who has turned their back to the things of God? Have you been praying unceasingly for years and years - yet they still remain stiff-necked, ignoring God and going their own way.
  • Are you patiently waiting for God to step up and step in to your troubles...? Your loved one is battling with addiction and you see no hope of them ever breaking free from it's stronghold. It's grip is ruining their life and destroying their future.
  • Are you patiently waiting for God to make the impossible become possible...? You need a miracle in your life; an appeal, a court hearing, a judge to have mercy on you? Perhaps things are immersed in such a darkness that you cannot even imagine seeing the light of day ever again.

What does a foolish person do? They make a big "stink" while going ahead and taking action on their own. A foolish person only grumbles and thinks of themselves without waiting on God and persevering. 

What should a wise person do?  "You too be patient and stand firm because the Lord's coming is near." James 5:8 Not to only stand firm... that could be the easy part... perhaps the hardest part is... "don't grumble against one another brothers and sisters or you will be judged. James 5:9

Please pray that the inmate's simple "yes" to God will take root. 

"YES Father, I want to stand firm without making a stink and grumbling."
"YES Jesus, I want to patiently wait for You."
"YES, Lord I want your blessings of mercy and compassion
as a result of my suffering and perseverance."

"Oh, how I trust and depend upon you Lord.

Posted on October 11, 2012 .