"Me?"     "Today?"      "Anointed by God?"
A friend asked me what I learned while preaching in Africa and the prison? I didn't even hesitate, the words were right on the top of my head. I couldn't wait to share them...

"I learned about the power of God's anointing!"
"To feel like you are glowing with the Holy Spirit. To feel fearless before you walk into a prison of over 3,000 hardened inmates, convicted murderers, witch doctors, and demon-possessed... men." It felt like God had supernaturally anointed me.

Let me explain:
God first calls us to the service, then He equips us for the task - but so many people ignore the fact God anoints us as well. When you are anointed and just go on using your Spiritual Gift without claiming it, I believe you miss out on God's supernatural power pulsing through you.
"Oh, to be called, to be equipped and then claim God's promised anointing... WOW, hang on tight because you are going feel like you are flying."

Anointing is a word you just don't hear in everyday conversation. It means to be "set-apart" for God's purposes.

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
because he has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners 
and recovery of sight for the blind,to set the oppressed free," 
Luke 4:18

I clearly felt God's calling back in April - "Preach in the prisons around the world."  Now, let's fast forward to August - after prayer, fasting, more prayer and preparation, I was ready to go preach in Rwanda and the prison. In obedience to God's call, He reassured me that I am "set-apart" or anointed for a time such as this. I was full of anticipation waiting to see what our great God was going to do in Rusizi!

Was I nervous? Did I sleep? I'm sure you can guess what I did the night before the prison service? 
"I was on my knees, spending time with my Lord." I had to unclog the arteries of my heart so I could be filled with Him. Less of me, more of Him. I didn't want any unconfessed sin to interfere with God's Spirit flowing through me. It was through confession and receiving His forgiveness that I felt totally prepared and anointed. Instantly, our intimacy and closeness increased. I shared openly my deepest thoughts and concerns regarding the prison the next day. I knelt and kept still (which is unusual for me) and I allowed God to tell me what the prison service was going to look like no the other way around. "Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

 My old prayer life. My past prayers had been the common phrase... "Lord, please be with me and empower me." Father, please speak through me... etc. Those prayers have their place and purpose but...

God taught me a new way to pray!
Prayer on fire begins with PRAISE! 

When you know you are called and want to be anointed - get off you couch and on your knees and pray in praise. Don't just plead with requests but claim the anointing. It will revolutionize your prayer life. To pray back God's promises in His Word I believe blessed you and pleases Him.

"Heavenly Father I have heard your call... 
Almighty King... You have equipped and prepared me. 
You alone... have anointed me!   
Use me Lord, for your mighty purposes!   
I expect and can hardly wait to witness your awesome power."

I know this may sound hard to believe...
When I stood in front of the intimidating prison doors, I could hear the singing of the inmates already begin. When the doors flung open... I became so empowered and filled with the Holy Spirit. I felt like I was... glowing. Yes, glowing!

I felt a supernatural love for each of these inmates that only God could pour through me. How can this be? How can God use such a sinful, broken woman such as myself to be called across the world to bring love to others despite my weakness? 
The answer to my questions: God's anointing! He has set-me apart for a time such as this... "Here am I Lord. Send me!"
 My heart ached for the lost and forgotten of this horrid prison system. As we walked into the prison the men were packed in wall to wall. I stopped and looked into as many eyes as I could, then I'd walk slowly a few more steps and look in each of their eyes again until I reached the platform. I wish you could have seen them light up with a smile and a wave because they were noticed. It moved me to tears.
God was bringing the Good News of Salvation into this African prison. To wipe-out the witchcraft and voodoo, speak truth instead of the watered down teachings of works that has been so widely spread. For Jesus was coming into the prison...
 It was like Jesus himself was riding in on a donkey and even the rocks were going to sing praises.
God rocked the house! Through worship, preaching, prayers and praise, countless inmates invited for the first time or recommitted their lives to Christ. 
 At the conclusion of the service, the men were weeping, yet joyful - imprisoned, but set free. God's love baptized the Rusizi prison in such a way that there was no room for anything else but Him!
I am so glad I did not miss the power of God's supernatural anointing.

Alleluia - Amen!

Next topic: "Are you anointed too?" Stay tuned for the next blog post addressing this question.
Posted on September 17, 2012 .