Reflections On Rwanda, African Evangelistic Enterprises (AEE) and SWIM Ministries

I already miss the people of Rwanda... I have never been anywhere and experienced such friendly people. From the capital city of Kigali to the Ruzuzi District near the border of the Congo. It's surrounding villages and even in the prison -  everywhere Rwandan's were always polite and friendly, returning a smile or a wave.

I believe there is a revival happening in Rwanda moving throughout Africa. One evangelist describes it as a large body of water with many rivers flowing out from it. The Rwandan churches all coming together; "for a time such as this..." to bring everyone far and near to hear the Good News.

One pastor said, because of the efforts of AEE and SWIM Ministries he had a small congregation one week and it multiplied itself several times over the next. God is working in Rwanda. Amen!

African Enterprises -  AEE organizes evangelistic events throughout Africa and brings evangelism training to the districts themselves by equipping and supporting the Pastors. They collaboratively work with the churches to come together (which I love). Every evening we traveled to surrounding villages and shared the Gospel through outdoor air events. In addition, they send guest preachers to the Sunday church services to encourage and support the congregations. AEE carefully coordinates in advance all of the Festival events, securing translators, site locations and training counselors for follow-up. I am confident they do much more behind the scenes, but this is what I had witnessed in a short span of time.

When AEE arranged for our team to go into the prison this week, they brought in 1700+ outdoor quality made jackets for the inmates, a T.V. and baby clothes. It is common in many prisons that the organization coming in would have to contribute somehow to the welfare of the inmates. Not to mention they prearranged approval with the government, brought in and set-up large sound systems, stage equipment and everything needed to reach the masses. 

Imagine what could be done if the funding was abundant? 

When I was in the prison, the Prison Pastor said he thinks of AEE every time they worship because the microphones were donated by them several years ago. Imagine a prison where everyone can hear the grace and mercy of Jesus loud and clear. Well done AEE!

Sammy Wanyonyi founder of SWIM Ministries reaches thousands of hurting people through preaching the Gospel to adults as well as children. (Check out his link about our trip.) It is difficult to describe Sammy's preaching style... I think it's powerfully transforming because it is simply full of God's love and mercy. 

Stanton Peterson with SWIM Ministries has wonderful ideas brewing: His vision is for the children who believe in Jesus to be taught how to reach out to other children and in turn bring them to Christ. 
Kids evangelizing to kids -BRILLIANT!

It was through SWIM Ministries that I was invited to come to Rwanda.

Instead of wondering if these ministries spend donated dollars wisely, I was amazed at how much they get done with such minimal funding? The money is still needed for these ministries to reach out to dark corners of the world.

Can you imagine what could be done for the people of Africa and beyond if we all chipped in and gave from overflow of our hearts? 

Posted on August 14, 2012 .