Only God Can Do That! Rwanda's Future Is Built On Forgiveness!

Genocide... In 1994 Rwanda experienced a terrible genocide with approximately one million people slaughtered by their neighbors and friends. (Remember the movie Hotel Rwanda) An example of how devastating Satan can be as he unleashes his fury on God's people.

Forgiveness... In 2004 prisons were overcrowded, inmates were living on top of each other, something had to be done. The President of Rwanda made a bold move, he released approximately 40,000 inmates from the prisons back into society. Why? Because healing needed to begin. The inmates who were released, were those who admitted their crimes and then took active steps of reconciliation (with the help of an intercessor) toward the victims and their families.

Gutsy but Brilliant. This opportunity has proven to promote healing and restoration in the country of Rwanda. It gives the inmates the opportunity to confess, repent and begin a new life - a "do over". This forgiveness has freed them both physically and spiritually.

Do you see the similarities...?  We each are given the same opportunity... we are each in our own prisons, chained to our pasts of hurt, guilt and shame. Each of us is separated from the life God intended us to have because of our sins. Its not through works or deeds done that wash away our guilt, it is only through Jesus. Plain and simple...When we approach our heavenly Father, when we admit to our past sins, He freely offers mercy, grace, forgiveness, freedom and restoration. Wow, who doesn't need that?

He totally erases our past sins, never to be remembered again. "Our sins are forgiven as far as the East is from the West." We can then begin this life of freedom, like the Rwandan inmates, we are reconciled to God through Jesus Christ our intercessor. We are given the opportunity through our Lord of second chances, to confess and release those chains of sins that keep us buried in a life of depression and darkness. Is it becoming overcrowded in the prison you are living in? Maybe it has been awhile since you've reconnected with Jesus? Let me join you in prayer, as we approach the throne of grace and together enjoy the freedom only Jesus can give. 

When I speak outside of the prisons, in the churches and open air events, I am assuming that most of the listeners will be indeed these very same survivors sitting side by side next to their perpetrators.

Only God can do that!

Posted on August 3, 2012 .