I am going to be brief as we have landed in Kenya and have our first glimpse of spotty internet service.

How I have felt your prayers surround me while sharing the gospel. Thanks to your prayers. I did get into the prison on Saturday morning.

(This is a picture that resembles what we saw. We were not able to bring in cameras to the prison.)

Lord, have mercy on those inmates and the environment in which they live.  

Unbelievable... people were everywhere. Inmates numbering over 2800 were crammed in tiny spaces to hear the gospel. Everywhere you looked there were faces. Above in the rafters, below on the ground, every nook and cranny was filled with inmates. The majority were men and a small choir of female inmates brought in together to hear the gospel message.

I preached from Luke on three short stories and related them to their lives: "The Ten Lepers" - I spoke of how the lepers were the outcasts of society, they had their own community. Ten where healed - but one was made whole!

The second story was "Jesus Heals the Demon-Possessed Boy." There is a lot of witch-craft and demon-possession the Rwanda (as we have witnessed) as well as the prisons. This boy from the Bible was healed by one word from our Lord and cast out.

The final story was about the "Criminals Who Were Crucified With Jesus." One mocked Him and hurled insults, and the other rebuked him and asked for Jesus to remember him. "Today, you and I will enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

They then were given the opportunity to invite Jesus into their hearts... AWESOME!

In total - We had over 1,400 inmates raise their hand and either ask the Lord Jesus Christ to enter their hearts for the first time or recommit their lives to Christ. It was overwhelming... to see the gospel melt the hearts of men who already have a taste of hell in prison. What a privilege to watch them surrender their hearts to Jesus, cry in repentance and then be set free and forgiven from their sins.

The rejoicing and singing was unbelievable while we were ushered out of the prison. We were truly anointed and on Holy Ground...

God is so good!


Posted on August 13, 2012 .