The Best Christmas Gift You Can Give Your... ? Is To Walk With The Lord!

What gift do you give your precious babies, your children and family when you are locked up in prison? 
Inmates only make a few cents a day while working in prison, that is if you are lucky enough to even have a job. Other inmates feel grave disappointment, depression and tendencies for suicide more than ever this time of year. Prison is not where any of them wanted to spend Christmas...

Christmas gifts are on the minds of incarcerated mothers, sister's, daughters and friends.  These women want to give something to those they love... but what?

I shared some "school-of-hard-knocks" wisdom with the women; that your family may never remember what you did on Christmas and what gifts you gave them...  but what will be forever ingrained in their memory is what your "attitude" was on Christmas.  What effects our attitude? Our faith walk with Jesus directly affects our attitude.

The best gift you can give your children, your family, yourself and your Savior... is to walk with the Lord.

Why? Because when you "verbally ask" Jesus into your life, wholeheartedly surrender (Romans 10:9) ... you become a new creation. The old has passed away; the new has come. (2 Corinthians 5:17) Who wouldn't want that? A fresh start, a new beginning... out with the old, in with the new!

Ask yourself, what is your attitude this Christmas? Are you praising God? Are you trusting in Him through all circumstances? Would others say you are a contagious Christian trusting God this Christmas? 

The challenge! I encouraged the women to begin by surrendering to Christ this Christmas. Surrendering their lives asking for forgiveness, seeking Christ for their hope and their salvation. If they seek the kingdom of God FIRST all these other things; their sentence, their appeal, their families, their worries... will fall into God's merciful hands. When you are walking with God, you become a blessing to others... You are blessed to be a blessing.

Let's start wrapping this gift! How do I begin? I handed out a list of the top ten ways they can begin to walk with the Lord, today, right now in prison.  Friends, I could feel the presence of the Spirit and their excitement as they left the service.

My hope is that their children and family will walk away from visitation... or peacefully fold up a hand-written letter and say:  

"Wow, even while in the middle of the chaos of prison, my Mom is praising God this Christmas!" I promise you, they will never forget the best Christmas gift ever... watching you walk with the Lord. 

My Christmas prayer for all who are inside and outside the walls:
 You have given us the greatest gift of all, our salvation. Where moths and rust cannot destroy this gift.
Where in the trenches of chaos, confusion and negativity - you can be found.  Your forgiveness, your peace, your mercy and your hope. There is no pit too deep, where you cannot be found. You are always with us, in us and living through us. You are a gentleman, patiently waiting to be invited into our lives.

May this treasured gift you've given us through Jesus Christ - pass on through us, to our children, our family and our friends, as well as to those we first thought were our enemies and many future generations.
Help us to act justly towards each other, to love mercy, and please show us how to walk humbly with you Lord.

In the precious name of Jesus...  God with us.

Merry Christmas!
Much love - Shug
Posted on December 20, 2011 .