Will I Be "Fluid" In Failure and Disappointments?

Fluid! That's what I need to be when serving in prison ministry.
Flexibility is too rigid!

Am I prepared to be fluid when... 

... I never know how many inmates will attend? 
... someone blurts out an unrelated question in the middle an important point? 
... abruptly, church stops for a recount in the prison. 
... unexpectedly, the message causes a prison disturbance and gets shut down? 

To be fluid... means being bathed in prayer, trusting in the Holy Spirit's leading and learning from the ups and downs of serving on the front lines. Please don't be permanently discouraged when things seem like a failure. The root of the problem could be from a variety of things:
  1. The enemies persecution 
  2. Prison protocol (I'm learning to trust it.) or...
  3. It could be YOU!
If it is the latter, don't flee, turn away from God and become discouraged... pick yourself back up by returning to Christ in repentance and restoration. Repentance is a privilege and always draws us in close intimacy with God.

In my case, the Intimate Relationship Series has been suspended and the upcoming Homosexuality message is discontinued because of inmate disruption and safety. It's a challenge to be "fluid"... in disappointment and feelings of failure. This is a portion of the prayer I prayed this week:

"Father, soften my heart to be moldable in your hands as I learn to be fluid in disappointments. 
Have mercy on me.
...restore unto me the joy of your salvation and uphold me in your free Spirit
I love you Lord.. may your will be done not mine.
In the powerful name of Jesus I pray."

Posted on November 2, 2011 .