Does God Care About My Intimate Relationships With My Dysfunctional Family? (Abusive Parents)

Did you feel the explosion of stronghold's in prison?
As part of the "Intimate Relationship Series", the church service message at the women's prison was about Dysfunctional Families - more specifically "Abusive Parents". 

Three types of people were listening:
1.             Victims of abuse - hurting and lonely from their dysfunctional past.
2.             Abusers themselves - they verbally and/or physically abuse their children and others . (Some women are in for physical abuse/murder/offenses toward others.)
3.             Both - they have been mentally or physically abused and now they pass this on (perhaps unknowingly) to others.

God did not begin this message from the depths of darkness and despair... He did not want us to linger in the past. But we took off from the launchpad of God's healing power. 


Are you tired of the blame game? Blaming your parents and your past for where you are today? 
What are there strongholds that are holding you back from God's best for your life?

We have two sticks of dynamite to demolish strongholds: 

"In my distress I called to the Lord, and he answered me. From the depths of the grave I called for help, and you listened to my cry." Jonah 2:2

Could you hear the explosion of lifelong strongholds as they were being demolished through prayer? Awesome! 

Isn't it time you allow God to heal your past so he can open up dynamite future?

How do you explode into a bright future?
  • Ask Jesus Christ to come into your life. (He is a gentleman and waits for you to invite him into your life.) 
  • Confess your sins and receive His healing power. 
  • Surrender to God's life-changing power.
  • Take a moment and close your eyes... now imagine the stronghold that is a barrier between you and God... Take hold of the dynamite: grab a few bible verses and then pray them up through Christ's power. 
  • Stand firm and believe that God will explode that stronghold and give you a new, fresh beginning in Jesus Christ. 

Prayerfully yours,

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Does God Care About My Intimate Relationships With My Dysfunctional Family: Rebellious Children?
*Praying God's Word-Beth Moore

Posted on September 23, 2011 .