"Lord, these women need our best!"

Really God... me in prison? Shug serving in prison is like Zza Zza Gabor on a farm in Green Acres. Neither one of us ever saw it coming. God has called me to love, teach and encourage inmates in Christ as well as train the ministry teams that go in to serve. 
Often before a message I'll say:
"Ladies, there is so much potential in this prison! You are intelligent women, lovingly hand-crafted by God. He created you perfectly, just the way you are. You are not a mistake! You haven't even begun to tap the blessings God has in store for your life. God has created your personality to fit perfectly with the purpose He has for your lives. If you are willing…today, can be the launch pad to spring you into the fulfilling life that God has already planned for you." 
Who doesn't need to hear that hope? Every one of those women needs to hear they are loved and cherished by God... My goal is to take the time to understand, from the inmate’s perspective, what they need from a ministry or church service. Then in return, educate and train you to go in and give them your very best!
Why this blog? Before my first speaking engagement at the prison, I frantically searched for any information specifically addressing Christian tips and/or suggestions for incarcerated women. I was amazed when I learned that the female population was the fastest growing population in the prison system. Why not have team training specific for women? This is my calling, to rally teams to give these women our best!
This all began with God's whisper… I truly believe God has prompted me to write to you. Please join me as I share my own personal experiences, tips and suggestions for the sole purpose of giving female inmates across the country God's very best.
All For His Glory!
Posted on July 29, 2011 .