Shug Bury

 “God has a sense of humor! Who would have guessed a blonde haired, middle aged, woman from Minnesota would be preaching in the darkest prisons of the world! But that is right where God has called me to be!”

Shug Bury is the Founder and President of H.I.M. Prison Ministry (Hallelujah International Ministries). 

Shug is a Prison Evangelist, Trainer and Mentor. She feels right at home in the middle of the hardest prisons of the world.  For over a decade she has been encouraging men and women internationally either in prisons, jails, remands or rehabs - to claim back what is theirs… a resurrected, victorious life! 

Preaching the Gospel is just the beginning of a new life in Christ.  H.I.M. Prison Ministry holds leadership summits and seminars inside and outside of prison. Partnering with organizations to train Christian leaders to walk alongside inmates in this new life. 

Inmate seminars, ex-offender reentry, corporate/business job mentorship, prison chaplain/pastors leadership conferences and church mentorship training.

“Justice is doing your time… but when an ex-offender is locked out of society... that is a sin!”

Shug’s evangelistic invitations have taken her to spiritually troubled prisons around the globe. Her stories and experiences will astound you!

She was born and raised in Minnesota and holds degrees from the University of Minnesota. Her hobbies include cycling, running, camping. She has been married 38 years to her High School sweetheart Blair, they have two beautiful grown children and an adorable Pit-bull dog named Buster.

“I have seen thousands of the most hardened people (You know, those that look like they have been dragged behind a truck for years.) listen out of curiosity and then God does the rest of the work. It is awesome to have a front row seat to watch the power of the Gospel literally melt the hearts of the most hardhearted people. By the end of the message, there are tears of repentance, newfound forgiveness, hope, joy and freedom as the chains drop off of their guilt and shame because of Jesus Christ.”

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“It just doesn’t get any better than this!”

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Coming Up

HIM Prison Ministry is partnering with Clean Start Solutions to host the 2016 Kenya Prison Ministry Summit in Nairobi, Kenya. October 16-20th, 2016.