Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)

HIM partners with BSF to train and mentor teams in the "do's and don'ts" of prison ministry. BSF started their first prison ministry in 2015 at the women's prison in Shakopee, MN. Together, HIM and BSF hope this ministry will grow world wide.


Large Corporations

Encouraging large corporations to provide and create jobs that have upward mobility for felons and their future career success.



There is a great need to bring awareness inside of the churches to rise up and walk with felons as they leave prison. HIM's goal is to connect mentoring organizations with those called to be a "friend of a felon" to reduce the recidivism rate and increase community-wide success! The recurring cry of organizations such as the VOA, Salvation Army, Amicas, MN Adult and Teen Challenge, Union Gospel Mission, Freedomworks is that they need mentors.