It's one thing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ inside of prison. (This is the heartbeat of HIM Prison Ministry.) But it is another to leave them at the gate scared and unsure of what lies ahead of them upon release. Do they return to the life that led them to prison, or do they begin fresh in Christ? Where do they start? How can they do it alone? 

This is the vision God has placed on our hearts...

We are excited to announce our new "pilot" mentoring program called HIM4HER. We are partnering with people from a wide variety of churches to coach those leaving incarceration. This mentoring program is unique in two ways; first we only work with inmates who have shown a transformation and desire to change inside of prison. Second, we mentor in the "it takes a village" team approach. Our mentors have a calling to come around the qualified client leaving prison and share their past expertise with them. Our team consists of a variety of career backgrounds; business, law, entrepreneurial, medical, managers, counselors, prayer warriors, a variety of industries...but most of all they love Jesus Christ. 

Will you pray for us, and if God has blessed you...would you bless those leaving prison to begin with a fresh new start? All donations go directly to the cause for prison ministry, there are no salaries - all members volunteer out of their love for the Lord.